Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After taking tap and ballet last winter, we decided to have Vivian try something new this year.  So we signed her up for Gymkhana, which several of her friends had already taken and enjoyed.  Vivian enjoys a similar place called Gymsport where you can go and just do your own thing on the various gymnastic equipment, so we were pretty sure she'd like it.  This is the same thing, just with more equipment and instructions on what to do.

I don't think she is ever going to be an olympic athlete.  She's more like me who wanted to be good at it but wasn't.  In fact, I used to dread nothing more than the annual "sports event" (I've even blocked out the real name) where we all had to compete in gymnastics.  I always got the "also particpated" certificate.  Barely.  Anyhow.  Both Will and I think it's going to be good for her to learn some of the basics of gymnastics and the various equipment and to run and move around at least once a week when we are cooped up inside for the winter.  And, as I said, she really enjoys it.  She works hard at doing the excercises, some with more success than others (just like the other kids).  She listens well and enjoys herself.

So, imagine how lovely it was for her (and for us) when her teacher sent her this card in the mail!  I think they just guaranteed themselves a sign-up for the next session!  ;)

Vivian -
You are such a great listener!  And your bar work was super today.  Keep up the great work!
Debi + Cher

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