Sunday, June 5, 2011

Copellia Dolls

Vivian had her first dance recital today.  The show was put on by her dance studio and ranged from a couple of classes with kids Vivian's age up to semi-professional teenagers.  Overall, very enjoyable to watch.  It was not at all the recital I expected - I had thought we'd see one fumbling class of small kids after another - when I really just wanted to see Vivian's fumbling class :)  Instead, there were some really nice performances interspersed with the occasional class of small children that rocked the cuteness factor, if not the actual steps and movements.

Dress code for the kids was very specific - we had directions for hair and makeup, and rented the costume (thank goodness we didn't need to buy it and add to our already large collection of dress up clothes), had to buy specific tights and wear a certain color ballet slippers.

Rowan's Mom Jenny brought her makeup and did the makeup for both girls.  Then we left them in the care of the other dancers and some adults that entertained them backstage until it was their turn.

Videoing was strictly forbidden, but since I was not going to buy at $35 DVD for a one-minute performance, I undertook some stealth recording anyways.  That's also my excuse for the quality (or lack thereof) of the video.  Vivian is second from the right, and Rowan all the way to the right.  It cracks me up every time I watch this how they missed the queue to start running.  Just like class  :)

Anyways, I herewith bring you some photos of our young stars and their very first real life stage performance.

In full makeup and costume
Vivian's place in the program

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