Monday, August 26, 2013

Shopping with Supergirl and Rapunzel

Next week, we'll have a preschooler and a kindergartener.  I am glad to report that this does not mean that they are too big for dress-up or wearing their costumes out in public.  This is who I went shopping with today. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Paint Face

I have a number of posts that I need to get on here.  One even about another face painting event.  But I thought I might as well start with a recent one first, and then work backwards.

Casey and Ernie came to see us this weekend.  Much fun was had by all.  The girls were spoiled (as usual), and it was lovely to see that Annelee now has well and truly caught onto the good that is aunts and uncles and ran up to Casey and Ernie when they arrived, demanded to sit on both of their laps, that they play with her, etc.  Vivian has been doing that for years, of course, so it looks as if she's got competition.  Luckily, both got plenty of attention.  Casey and Ernie in return got their fair share of babylove, good food (thanks, Will, for feeding us all so wonderfully).  We hung out, the adults went out on the town Saturday night ... and ... we created a tradition (doing something a second time makes it a tradition, right)? 

The girls demanded that Casey paint their faces, and that they get to paint ours.  Just like last time.

The girls' skills have improved a bit, although Annelee still snuck some arm-painting in, despite clear instructions to stick to Casey's face only. 

Can't wait to see what creations they come up with next time!

Group Photo of the results


Disco Diva

Abstract I (by Annelee) and II (by Vivian)