Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trip to Virginia

At the beginning of the month, we went to Virginia and got together with all the Page siblings to sort through Anne and Newton's house and find homes for all those items that people had interest in keeping.  And you know that, no matter what the reason for the trip, we had fun getting together with everyone!

We spent a whole day at the house.  Many things found a home.  Many memories were shared.  Much fun was had.  The girls both loved all the jewelry (much costume jewelry from Anne's Mom) and were very happy to get some of those, as well as a special ring/necklace set (Anne's favorite ring that matched her eyes for Vivian and a set from Alaska for Annelee).  Will got the chifforobe that he liked.  He just has to go back and pick it up ...

As usual, we stayed at Hotel Aunt Susan's and the girls (and Will and I, too) were totally spoiled there.  Casey and Ernie also came by on Saturday after we arrived and got their girl-love fix.

Casey and Annelee playing with Casey's new toy from the Museum

By the end of the weekend, Annelee was able to assemble it all by herself and was mightily pleased with that

Playing cornhole

Nike-walking is always one of the highlights of Vivian's trip

All the Page siblings in the same spot - a rare treat

On the way back, Annelee, Vivian and I stopped by Anne and Newton's grave

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - Plan B

Memorial Day weekend does not seem to be the ideal weekend for us to kick off our camping season for the summer.  Last year, we endured a massive thunderstorm (but had fun, anyways).  This year, the predicted night-time temperatures made us decide to stay home and forgo freezing in a tent with little kids.  Instead, we did a bunch of different things at home and had a fun weekend anyways!

We started the weekend off with a trip to the Children's Museum.  They had a Clifford exhibit (the girls love Clifford thanks to a hand-me-down book from Daddy and his siblings).  On Saturday, we dug out the water table and got a fire going in the fire pit.  Complete with dinner grilled on Daddy's new grill.  Sunday was the annual Memorial Day picnic at Sunnyhill; and Monday brought the annual Memorial Day parade through Gypsy Lane and Crystal Drive.  Fun, fun, fun.  Here are some pictures.

Vivian dressed up as Clifford's dog friend and gave a drumming concert

Busy pumping water.  And when did Annelee get so big?

Painting with water - a huge hit

This rain curtain is where a bathing suit would've come in handy

Not that the lack of bathing suits stopped anyone from running through ...

Vivian is trying to blow-dry Annelee's hair

Memorial Day picnic with Perrin

First appearance of the water table

Our fire

Daddy's new sunny & deer-proof tomato garden

Just chillaxing

The Gypsy twins

Ready for the Memorial Day parade

The tie is becoming a tradition

Popsicles after the parade

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vivian's Preschool Graduation

I have a feeling that, by the time actual college graduation rolls around, Vivian might just shrug and say "Eh, another graduation", but she was very excited about her first graduation this weekend - her preschool graduation.

There were 23 kids in Vivian's graduating class.  They all got decked out in graduation caps and gowns and individually marched up to the front where they recited a little Dr Seuss speech and then all sat down to watch a video with photos of them from their time at Creative Minds.  Then, they all got up and sang a song and then got their diplomas and threw their caps in the air!  There were bagels and coffee afterwards; but we were eager to leave for Virginia, so we stayed for a few photos and then left.

Vivian loved it and wore her graduation cap a good part of the weekend.

Congratulations, Grad!  :)

Unlike college graduation, Vivian and her pals were all back at preschool this week as if nothing had changed.  They have a few more months to go before Kindergarten actually starts in September.

Class names and hand prints

Waiting to walk up front

Is she going to be ordained?

Dr Seuss speech

2013 Grad

Action shots should be blurry, right?

"Future husband" Gregory and Vivian

Family Portrait

With her teachers, Ms Shana and Ms Stephanie

The girl gang ... Vivian, Layla, Nina, Althea, Mckenzie, Gwenna
A quick video of the whole class singing the "50 nifty" song.  Click here if you cannot see it below.