Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boxed In ... Again ... Again

As has become a tradition, the day before Will's birthday, the girls and I shuffle furniture around, take pictures down, and then take photos of them in that little green box.  Last year, Annelee did not like the idea initially, but was quickly won over by Vivian showing her how it's done.  This year, there was no such problem - both girls had fun.  We even got some extra shots for the Treehouse.

I think this year's theme is bruises and leg tattoos!

Previous years:  20122011 (which actually covers all years before as well)

Happy Birthday, Will!

This year's official Vee shot

This year's official Lee shot

They even fit into the box together

Trying to sit on the edge

Annelee has to try, too, of course!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It appears that - even though we had almost given up hope - spring has finally sprung.  So, we went out last weekend and bought plants and Will and the girl spent time planting them (both flowers and herbs) and I played around with my camera.

It is so nice to finally be able to enjoy time outside again.

Unfortunately, the settings on my camera were messed up, and I didn't notice, so the quality of some of the photos is dubious. 

Daddy and his helpers

Playing with the soil

Planting the flowers

Our pretty weeds