Friday, July 26, 2013


Annelee has been excited about her upcoming birthday for months.  "I turn three.  Rowan, Alex, then I turn three." "Bye-bye, binky".  "I turn three".

She's also been talking a lot more. Three months ago, I made a speech evaluation appointment (it is Monday, it took that long to get an appointment).  True to our daughters' behavior, her language exploded just a week after I finally made that appointment.

The big bonus of Annelee being able to express so much more than before (and us understanding so much more) is that her sense of humor really comes out.  She's also repeating things she's done over and over and over (again, part of it is the enjoyment of knowing that we will understand her).  She is forever starting sentences out with a long, drawn-out "Yesterdaaaayyyy ...." and will then tell us something she did days, weeks, even months ago.  It is very cute.

Her giggles and her belly laugh are by far the most contagious you have ever heard!

Today, she brought cupcakes to daycare ("Mommy, I had cup cakes!"), tomorrow, we are opening presents, and getting rid of binky ((hopefully), click here for a reminder of what happened to Vivian's binky), and Sunday we will have a little party for her at home.  Just as it should be for our big three year old girl.

Happy Birthday, LeeLee!

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