Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting Dressed

Some more photos from back in late May. For a while, Vivian would not - under any circumstances - accept help getting dressed. This made for some slow and frustrating mornings. And for some interesting clothing choices, too. However, the reason that she is crying in one of the shots has nothing to do with the clothes. It has to do with the camera. As soon as Vivian spotted the camera, she wanted to sit on my lap and see the photos. Except I had not yet had a chance to take any. So I told her to "go stand over there so I can take a photo and then you can look at it". Clearly, she was not pleased. There are quite a few photos of crying Vivian from this time, all due to her impatience to see the photos I hadn't even taken yet!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Things have changed a lot since I took these photos, and have also stayed the same. We still go for many a walk around the block (sometimes several times a day), but these days, we tend to just walk or take the tricycle, rather than the stroller. I have given up trying to keep Felix (the doll) dressed. For that matter, I have mostly given up trying to keep Vivian dressed (at least at home), too. Although I still try VERY hard to keep her in a diaper at all times ... :)

And here's a little video of how Vivian zoomed down the road in the beginning. Then she'd stop and re-adjust Felix - he had to sit Just So in the stroller. Once satisfied, she'd take off at warp speed again until Felix dared to move ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Front-Yard Fun

Vivian doesn't need to go far to find something to entertain her ... her toddler-size chair and anything remotely resembling even just a teensy-weensy puddle are already enough. That would also explain the mud splashes on Vivian's face on the second picture ...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Children's Museum

On Friday, Vivian and her friends (Emma and Corwin) headed to the Children's Museum. We had to stand in line for about 20 minutes to get tickets, so I thought it was going to be a total mess inside. It was busy, but not as bad as I expected. The kids had fun. So did the Moms.

Please ignore the "Do not climb on us" sign ;)

As usual, Vivian was off exploring somewhere else, so she's the only one missing in the picture ... :)

We're Ba-ack! :)

Sorry for the extended absence. Computer probs that prevented us from downloading the photos the usual way are still not solved, but as of this morning, we have a new card reader that will finally let us access the photos on the camera. So, you'll be getting some old and some new photos over the next few weeks. Here's one from May.