Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year was our second Christmas at home, some things that we did last year, we did this year again, so, family traditions are definitely being formed.  Two years make a tradition, right?  ;)

On Christmas Eve, we went to the 5pm service.  The plan was to go home afterwards, have a simple and quick dinner, and then open the family presents.  In the end, we stopped by the annual Christmas Eve party of two friends from church instead, had something to eat there, and then headed home and opened presents.

Then, we put out cookies and bubbly wine (no plain old milk for our Santa this year!) for Santa and the girls went to bed. 

Then, Santa went to work, putting gifts under the tree, filling stockings and we went to bed, too.

In the morning, the kids woke at a very acceptable 7am and dashed downstairs and unwrapped gifts. 

Annelee got a balance bike (which Vivian originally claimed as her own, and which Annelee still hasn't quite realized is hers ... probably good, because there's 5 inches of snow outside and we still need to get a helmet for her).

Vivian got a "piano" (keyboard) with lessons starting at the end of January.  Even though she asked for a "violine like my friend Althea", she seems quite happy with Santa's altered plan.  She also got a bunk bed, which Santa hid under Mommy's and Daddy's bed during the night without us hearing him!? :)  Next year, I'm going to ask Santa to assemble his gifts himself - we spent a good part on Christmas Day putting it together!

After the gifts, we had breakfast (bread with Christmas shapes cut out and eggs cracked into the hole), assembled the bed, played with new toys, and then for dinner we had meat fondue with my Dad's sauces.  The girls loved it, and it is always a highlight for me.  Next year, Vivian is probably even going to be big enough to cook her own meat!

All in all, another good Christmas!

This year, I even got a photo with both of them in front of the tree!

Unwrapping the headband set from Marion & Sebastian and the boys

More gifts

The puzzle from Marion & Sebastian and the boys

Showing off the new socks from Omi

Feeding Dolly in the new highchair and with the new play food

Vivian and Daddy reading a new book

Nothing's as much fun as a wrapping paper tube, though!

Christmas morning

The new outfit from Grandma (and a first headband that Vivian made)
 Last, but not least, a brief view of Christmas morning unwrapping.  Click here if you cannot see the video below.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Claws

{title thanks to Will}

Jonas has a new favorite spot in the house  ... I wonder what he'll do when the other Santa comes and uses his spot for gifts ...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nikolaus 2012

It's a good thing the Nikolaus doesn't do things by my treehouse posting schedule, because he would always be late.  Instead, he came to our house on time on December 6th and delivered a few goodies to the girls in their boots.

Both "Kittycat" and "Socky" have become instant favorites with the girls :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Season Kick-Off

I refuse to do anything Christmas-related before December 1st if I can.  That would probably explain why I didn't start putting together the advent calendar until 10pm the night before ...

Having said that, yesterday was December 1st and we already fit in a lot of Chrstmassy things.  The first advent calendar bag was opened, we started putting up the lights outside, the decorations inside (the tree will have to wait until just before Christmas though), went to the girls' daycare holiday party, and took a first walk through the neighborhood to see the lights.

At the holiday party, the girls got to meet Santa and Mrs Claus (and all four of them smiled for the photo!), and both the preschool and toddler classes performed some songs. It was very cute!

Santa and Mrs Claus meet the Page girls
Vivian, the red-nosed reindeer ...

Here's the first song they performed ... Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.   Click here if you cannot see the video below.

You better watch out ... Santa is coming to town!
Here's the second song they performed. Click here if you cannot see the video below.

This is what I get when I ask the girls to pose for a photo  :-)

Annelee's toddler class getting ready for their performance.  Annelee stood like that the entire time they (well, the teachers) sang the song

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Birthday Proceedings

Vivian's birthday fell on a Sunday, so we didn't have to plan around work/daycare or anything like that.  We had rented the main room at Sunnyhill for the afternoon.  In the morning, Will and the girls went to church (where the whole congregation sang Happy Birthday for Vivian), while I made the last few arrangements for the party in the afternoon.

We opened presents when they got home from church, then Annelee and Vivian napped, I went to the church to get the room ready, and Will followed with the girls in time for the party to begin.

Vivian keeps asking for an outdoor pool party for her birthday, but unless global warming kicks into high gear very quickly (I hope not!), that is not going to happen.  Having said that, she got such fabulous weather on her birthday, that we had cake and games outside in the playground and only moved indoors for pizza and then a little bit more play while we were waiting for the parents to pick up the kids again.

Most of Vivian's friends from preschool came without their parents (Gregory, Mackenzie, Nina, Gwennavere, Kathryn), the "old" pre-preschool friends came with parents and siblings (Rowan, Owen, Corwin, Jesse).

After the party, we went home, and Rowan and Joel came over so that Rowan and Annelee could help Vivian unwrap her gifts from the party.

All in all, it was a success.

Will and I were in bed before 10pm that night.  Kid's birthday parties are hard work!  :)

Annelee closely supervises the gift-unwrapping

Vivian with her new bike.  We had to exchange it for another one (this one was a little too big), but she's been practicing lots since she got it

Showing off the pearl bead craft from Marion, Sebastian, Tobias & Fabian

Probably Vivian's favorite ... Barbie horse and carriage from Omi
Posing in front of the birthday decoration

Everyone singing happy birthday (or at least the end of it, since I had technical difficulties with my camera).  Click here if you cannot see the video below.

Birthday cake outside!  Angie always poses like this in photos :)

Corwin in the police car

Owen is probably communicating with Corwin

Vivian and Nina busy moving leaves around.  That made for lots of entertainment

The games were (barely organized) chaos.  Turns out, the kids like the concept of games more than the actual games.  This is the egg on a spoon race (but with bouncy balls)

The balloon relay race
Annelee and Jamie

The large quantities of balloons (which I had to manually blow up because my pump waswn't compatible with the balloons) was probably the biggest hit of the party

More balloons - Jesse, Vivian, Kathryn, Rowan

Jesse, Nina, Vivian

Pizza time.  Corwin and Kyra had to leave early, other than that, everyone's in the photo
Last, but not least, here's a video from the end of the party.  Click here if you can't see it below.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Three Again!

For months now, Will and I have explained to Vivian that the birthdays don't come in the same order as you count; and that after four, you turn three again.  She's not buying it.  "Moooommmyyy / Daaaaadddddyyy ... I don't liiiiiike this game!!!" she always responds.

So, I guess she's right.  She's actually five today.  FIVE!  Even three would be astonishing, because it doesn't seem that long since she was born (although, some days, it seems MUCH longer).  She really is a girl now.  Tall, slim, goes to birthday parties independently, had her first sleep-over the other day ... already talking about graduating from preschool and moving onto kindergarden ... always talking, chatting, imagining, making up games, calling us on it when we try and fool her.  Lots of fun.  Here's to the next year!

This year, her birthday is on a Sunday (just like her actual birth day) and we are having a party for her with a number of friends from preschool and also some of her old friends.  For the first time, parents are optional, so kids will outnumber adults.  Gulp!  Pictures from that to follow, I'm sure.  Assuming we all survive ;-)

Previous years in review:  four, three, two, one

Hahahaha.  Before we move onto the photos, I just re-read last year's post and I had forgotten that we told her then, too, that she would be three again and already then she didn't believe it.  She's just too smart for us!

December 2011 - making cookies
January 2012 - The artist at work
February 2012 - With Omi and Tobias in Germany
March 2012 - At her favorite playground

April 2012 - Off to hunt for Easter eggs
May 2012 - All dirtified
June 2012 - With all her "prizes" from the Pride Parade
July 2012 - Feeding the birds

August 2012 - Beach Babe
September 2012 - Playing soccer
October 2012 - Pony ride at the preschool fall festival

November 2012 - Rainbow Tooth Fairy