Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Package for the Page Princesses

This morning, the girls discovered a package from Aunt Betsy and Uncle Mike in the mail.  They were very excited to open it (especially Vivian, who knew what was going on).  They may have gotten their gifts mixed up (er, modeled them for each other ;) ) – but they sure had fun unwrapping them and loved them.  Vivian is also excitedly looking forward to getting her first magazine.  Thank you so much, Aunt Betsy and Uncle Mike!

Vivian holds up her new T-shirt ...

... and Annelee follows suit with her new jammies!

Annelee in Vivian's T-shirt.  And, yes, that's a semi-naked Barbie in the foreground.  Of course!  Our house is full of them!  ;)
Vivian pretends to read the letter
Vivian with Annelee's pants