Thursday, September 30, 2010

Annelee's 2 Month Well Visit

Our girl is working hard on developing those chubby cheeks (and thighs and arms, even back). Unlike Vivian (who never got that chubby), she does not have chubby feets (Speckfuesse) though.

At her 2 month well visit, Annelee weighed in at 12lb 15oz and measured in (is that a word? it is now) at 23.5 in.

She's got a herniated belly button (it sticks out more than usual), but that's not something to worry about according to the pediatrician. This kind of thing often resolves itself over time. Annelee also got her first shots (3!) and boy, did she let everyone know how she felt about them. Her lungs are in great shape! Luckily, she did stop crying pretty quickly and then fell asleep before we even left the office.

Overall, the pediatrician declared Annelee to be absolutely perfect. Of course we already knew that!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Both Will and I (but mostly Will) often post little anecdotes about Vivian and Annelee on facebook. I thought it would be fun to consolidate them on the blog from time to time.

Will, July 25

So, Vivian handed me a book to read and I decided to make my own story for the pictures this time, around page 3 she interjected, "Noooo daddy, try again."

Will, July 27
Me: Vivian, do you like your new sister?
Her: Yes!
Me: Is she pretty?
...Her: Yes, she pretty!
Me: Daddy has two pretty girls, pretty Vivian and pretty Annelee!
Vivian: AND MOMMY!!!!!!
She's right, again...

Will, July 28
For the past month or so, I have had to endure something emanating from the back regions of the auto, with Vivian, "it's green daddy! Daddy, go, it's green!" I doesn't matter if cars are stopped in front of me. "GO! GREEN!" I am also in...formed of every red light...
Now I have new grief from the backseat. Now i am not one to curse other drivers unless they really put us in danger, but I often have calmer comments, like: "ok buddy, what are we doing" or "come on my friend, you can do it"
All to which Vivian has inquired, "Who are you talking to, daddy?" This is shortly followed by, "Are you talking to yourself daddy?"

Franziska, August 9
love it when Vivian proclaims on the way home "I not tired". And then promptly falls asleep two minutes later...

Will, September 4
Me: What's your favorite color?
Vivian: Green, yellow, brown and SISTERS [longish pause], and red and blue!

Will, September 4
Me: Vivian, don't play with the oven.
Her: Why?
Me: You're too little.
Her: I'm a big sister!!!!

Franziska, September 12
I was reading the street sign aloud as we turned the corner: "Tennessee Avenue" Vivian's immediate reply was: "I not can see"

Franziska, September 13
Vivian showed me how to do circle time. She held up an imaginary card with a color and I had to guess what it was. Didn't get a single one right on first try :(

Will, September 20
Vivian the negotiator
Me_eat more
Her_ no I all done
Me_please, a little more
Her_ no, I done
Me_two more bites?
Her_ no, one two three four five six more...

Franziska, September 25
Vivian is currently enjoying a cookie and a pickle. Thank goodness she's way too young for me to wonder if she's pregnant!

Will, September 25
Me: Vivian
V: Yes, daddy?
Me: I love my Vee.
[few second pause]
V: I love me too!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Vivian is building a bus. Doesn't she know that the car industry is not the best place for employment for the foreseeable future? And that busses that high will not be able to drive under bridges? Never mind the stability issues? I'm sure she'll figure it out :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


I know the photo doesn't show it, but Annelee is becoming much more alert, and - much to my joy - able to spend a few minutes alone and awake and without the need to be held, as long as appropriate entertainment is offered (the mobile over the crib, the swing with the lights and music, and, occasionally, even lying outside on the blanket). Where she may even fall asleep (as evidenced by the photo). This was one of the last warm days we had, so unfortunately, any further outside sleeping will probably have to wait until next spring.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Notes from the Treehouse

It seems time to get a new name for the blog since it's no longer just about "silly-bones". Someone visiting our house a little while back walked out on the deck and said "Oh, look, it's like you live in a tree house". And that very well describes the view. Hence the new blog name. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miss Chievous

Apparently, those graffiti artists didn't quite know how to spell her name ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We've already seen what happens when Daddy helps Vivian get dressed in the mornings. Turns out, things are not much better for Annelee when Mommy accidentally grabs a newborn outfit for her and is too lazy to go get another one. Our girl sure is getting big!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes, in our house, it's "feets", not "feet". That was not a typo :) Anyway, I've been trying to get a photo of Annelee's feets to match the one of Vivian's feets at the top of the blog. Not as happy with this one yet, so I will keep trying.

And, transitioning from feets to shoes ... we've been telling Vivian to put her shoes on the stairs rather than leaving them wherever she takes them off. I think she's taking it a bit too far with the time she spends lining them up so that they are arranged just so...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

My parents and I took Vivian and Annelee to the zoo one day. When we arrived, I asked Vivian what animals she wanted to see. Answer: "Monkeys, pigs, horses". I clarified that they did not have pigs or horses at this zoo, but that we would see the monkeys. After first seeing some other animals. Unfortunately, most animals were hiding, sleeping, or standing very far away from the viewing area that day. Not very exciting for a little girl. Vivian dutifully went up to every enclosure, took a look, and then said "I wanna see monkeys".

When we finally got to the Monkey house, we looked at the first ones (can't remember what they were) and I said "Look, a monkey!". At the same time a mother next to me told her son it was a "xxx" (actual name of species). Vivian looked at me and said "No, not a monkey, a xxx". Sigh. Monkeys were not what she expected, either, we think she was looking for chimpanzees, and there were none.

After the monkey house, she got focused on polar bears, so at every enclosure we heard "I wanna see polar bear". That girl is nothing if not persistent.

All in all, the zoo was a disappointment (for the adults more than for Vivian), although Vivian did like the elephants (especially the babies - Vivian claimed they were called Vivian and Annelee) and the polar bear and shark. We skipped the aquarium, but I'm thinking next time, we'll go just there, because that's actually pretty cool.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Naming Of Annelee

As we did with Vivian, we had Annelee's naming ceremony at church while my parents were visiting. Annelee wore the same christening dress that most of the children on my Mom's side of the family have worn. Vivian's name has been added to the list of names on the yellow bow, Annelee's will be added, soon.