Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip To Germany

We've been back from our trip to Germany for a little over a week now, and - as usual - reality kicks back in way too soon.  The good news is, we all recovered pretty well from our jet lag and (I am probably jinxing myself here) most nights, Annelee is sleeping better than she was before.  Let's hope she keeps that up.

So, Germany.  After an uneventful flight there (yay) we and our luggage (yay) arrived in Duesseldorf to be picked up at the airport by my Mom.  We got the train to Bielefeld, then drove the last bit home.  Overall, we were only about an hour later than we anticipated.  I'll take it.

The fun kicked off almost immediately, with Marion, Sebastian and Tobias coming over in the afternoon.  Vivian and Tobias played, Annelee, too (in between bouts of clinging to me).  We saw a lot of them, which was nice and gave Vivian and Tobias a chance to get to know each other a bit better.  Vivian also made some new friends, Gerti's (the neighbor) grandson Junis and my schoolfriend Heike's three girls.

We jumped on the trampolin at Marion & Sebastian's (I want one!), went to the Safari park with everyone, went to the playground several times, rode a walk-bike (not sure what the exact translation of that one is), drew with chalk, played cards, carved a pumpkin, made jello (Goetterspeise - please, no one tell Vivian that you can get that here, too, I keep telling her it's a German thing), and went for a walk with a lantern with a real candle (you didn't read this, Anne) while singing songs. I'm sure I'm forgetting things.

The return flight was also pretty much uneventful (which is how I like my flights), even though Annelee was a bit cranky at times.  Overall, still smooth sailing.  And we arrived early (!) and with our luggage (did I mention "yay"?)

Pictures to follow over the next few posts.

I'll leave you with one of Annelee and Vivian on the huge trampolin, with Omi, Grosspapa and Tobias watching them.

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