Friday, August 17, 2012

Face To Face

My Mom arrived today, after an uneventful flight (there's nothing better than uneventful and boring where flying is concerned).  We are happy to have her here - Vivian helped me pick her up at the airport and was literally flying down the airport to go give Omi a hug, and even Annelee hugged her when we got home. 

I'm sure it'll take me a while to post again, so until then I'll leave you with a quick collage of the goils!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Face Painting Gone Wild

Casey and Ernie were in town a couple of weekends ago.  The Saturday shaped up to be rather rainy, which suited us lazy adults looking for relaxation just fine, but somehow, the kids still expected entertainment.  So we invited Rowan over and Casey painted their faces.  They looked fabulous.   This was not enough for the girls, though, they wanted to get in on the painting action.  And, boy, did they ever.  There are several additional paint iterations that did not make it into the pictures.  A lot of fun was had by all participants!

Work in progress

Rowan completes the doggy-look

The witch and the dog

Casey was a saint to let both girls work on her simultaneously

As soon as Vivian was done with me, she immediately moved onto her next "victim"

Quite possibly one of the scariest family portraits ever!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 Year Well Visists Past and Present

As I was looking for Vivian's 2 year well-visit to compare to Annelee's just now, I noticed that I had written most of it, but had never published it.  Whoops.  So, I figured I might as well give you both of them in one post.

As an aside, I read somewhere that you get a person's likely adult height if you double their height at 2 years.  Both of our girls will be just over 6 ft according to that, and I guess that falls right in line with their parents being tall.



Let's get straight to the vitals:

Weight: 30.0 lbs
Height: 37 in
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Pink

Wait a second. Pink? Aren't they supposed to be blue? I had noticed that one of Vivian's eyes was a tad pink when she woke up that morning, but I hadn't thought much of it until the pediatrician diagnosed her with pink eyes. Drops for a week - three times a day - a huge struggle every time. But, it's what needs to be done if Vivian is to return to daycare.

On a more positive note, the rest of the visit went really well. As the pediatrician walked in, Vivian was saying "sticker". The pediatrician said "Wow. Just with that one word I'm definitely not worried about her language skills. That was a perfect 'st'."

She was fine with everything else, too. Reassured me that knock-knees are common at Vivian's age and often correct themselves.

Gave us some tips about discouraging Vivian's repeated coming out of her room after we've put her to bed, and her need for one of us to come into her room pretty much every night.

There were no vaccinations done; but she is still due for one. I will schedule that in a couple of weeks, hopefully in conjunction with an H1N1 booster, and even a regular flu shot if they have that.



Again, let's get the height/weight out of the way first.  Annelee continues to outweigh Vivian by a few pounds and is just a tad shorter than Vivian.  But at least she didn't have pink eye (she got that out of the way about a month ago ;)  )

Weight:  31lb 11oz (14.4 kg).  This puts her in the 93rd percentile
Height:  36.75 in (93.3 cm).  This puts her in the 98th percentile
Hair:  More than Vivian at that age.  More blond, more curls, more length

After we were asking about her walking (or lack thereof) at our last visit (which also didn't get written up, sorry), Annelee was zooming around the doctor's office as Dr Kisslinger walked in.  Most definitely no concern there anymore.  We do still need to go back and have her hip double-checked, but in all likelihood, it's just a formality.

Annelee got her cough checked out, we talked about her rash a couple of weeks ago with the fever (probably just one of those viral things that 2-year olds are prone to in the summer time), but her lungs are clear.  Again, all is good.

Language is something we are going to watch, but Dr Kisslinger said she was just looking for some two-word phrases and a handful of distinct words at this point, and we have that pretty much covered.  As usual, our kids listen to what the pediatrician said, and Annelee suddenly is digging out the word books to practice words and starting to chat more.  I'm pretty sure she will not need to be evaluated for language next time we go to the pediatrician.

Just like Vivian, Annelee did not need any vaccinations this time around, so yay! 

Back for another well visit in 6 months (and hopefully none inbetween).

Now, if only I could remember the tips the pediatrician gave us for discouraging Vivian from coming out of her room every evening and most nights, they would still come in handy ... for Annelee ... :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home-made Pizza

I had promised a post about Will & Vivian's home-made pizza a while ago ... well, here it finally is.  The photos aren't super great, but they get the action across.  Will prepped the pizza dough and all the toppings and then together, they put on the sauce, Vivian added all the toppings, and Will put the pizza in the oven.  And we all got to enjoy the yummalicious result!

Chef Will makes the necessary preparations

Sous-chef Vivian is being introduced to the art of evenly spreading the pizza sauce

And then she goes wild with the toppings!

The pizza easily passes the Annelee-test!