Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On our second day in Germany, we visited Marion, Sebastian and Tobias in their home.  They have a HUGE trampolin in the back-yard, and of course we all had to try it out (yes, Annelee and the adults, too).

My Mom's favorite story from that afternoon is Vivian and Tobias' communication (I missed that one, so this is hear-say).  Vivian was busy dismantling Tobias' lego house.  He was sitting next to her.

Tobias:  "Wir gehen auf's Trampolin" (We'll go on the trampoline)
Vivian keeps playing.
Tobias gets a little closer to Vivian, and speaks a little louder: "Wir gehen auf's Trampolin!"
Vivian keeps playing, doesn't even look up.
Tobias gets even closer to Vivian and speaks even louder: "WIR GEHEN AUF'S TRAMPOLIN!!!"

I'm not totally sure if Vivian ever responded.  But, on the trampoline we did go, and a lot of fun was had by all!

Who allowed her to look so grown up?

Annelee enjoyed being bounced about

Even falling down is fun when you are on a trampoline!

Resting on the trampoline

The bystanders

In mid-air

Tobias' favorite hobby is eating fruit

Grosspapa enjoying his grandchildren having fun

Annelee discovered the house - perfect for crawling in and out and in and ...

Omi with her two oldest grandchildren

In mid-air

A more relaxing approach

Return from collecting chestnuts (some of which even got smuggled into the US ... ooops)

Trampoline-ing is hard work!

Recording everything

Caught in mid-movement

Playing ball

Ready to water the flowers

And, if that wasn't enough, here are two videos, too.

Click here if you can't see the video above.

Click here if you can't see the video above.

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