Monday, October 10, 2011

Candy Holidays

When I grew up, Halloween was not something that was known in Germany.  We did, however, not grow up deprived of collecting large amounts of candy by going from door to door in our neighborhood.  On St Martin's Day, we'd go out in groups with paper lanterns and candles, singing songs, and receiving candy.  As a total aside, I didn't realize until I just read it on Wikipedia that St. Martin's day is November 11 - Vivian's birthday.  May have to do use that as a birthday party idea one year!

Anyhow, this didn't stop my Dad from using customs from both of these holidays to entertain Vivian.  They carved a pumpkin together (which we finally found in a store, they were only just becoming available for the season), which then sat out on the back deck and illuminated the night for us (with faces on either side!)

As another aside, seeing Vivian on this photo with my apron on reminds me also that she and Omi made G√∂tterspeise (jello) one day.  Green and red, with vanilla sauce, yum.  Next visit, the colors of the traffic light are planned, as yellow will also be added.  For some reason, I have no photos of the two of them in the kitchen.

Anyhow, another night, the two of them dug out the paper lanterns, lit the candles and set out in the dark to walk around the neighborhood.  My Mom and I also went along.  We sang a couple of traditional St. Martin's songs ("Ich geh' mit meiner Laterne" and "Laterne, Laterne"), but, since it was still September, decided not to confuse people and ring at their doors and ask for candy  ;)  Vivian had a blast even without!

"Where did I put those matches?"
I primarily wanted to show that there really is a candle in these lanterns.  Although I understand battery operated ones also exist these days  :)

Vivian is ready

Lanterns are serious business  ;)

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