Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simmons Farm 2011

This is the third year we've gone to Simmons Farm with Vivian, and Annelee's second.  The pictures from 2009 are here.  There are no pictures posted from last year, because Jenny and I took Rowan, Vivian and baby Annelee and Annelee was fussy the entire time so I barely managed to lift the camera up to my eyes.  I do have to try and find what pictures I took though, because I think I have another tunnel shot there with Vivian.

This time, we went early in the season and straight after a quick breakfast.  It was a glorious and sunny day, but not too crowded, getting much more crowded when we were leaving though.

The whole event is a "hayride" on a trailer pulled by a tractor down to the attractions (another sack slide - Vivian was very happy!), pick your own pumpkin and corn and then head back to the car again.

I forced the whole family into having their photo taken behind those silly cutouts ... sorry, Will and Vivian (Annelee didn't mind, she loved holding onto the hole and looking out).  It's all for the good of the blog!  :)

The corn-box is always a big hit

With all kids

Don't you look at the camera!
Waiting for the hay ride to start

Vivian went down the slide several times, even standing in line and getting herself ready without us anywhere nearby.


Annelee foiled all attempts at taking a cute picture of her between the pumpkins by rolling them down the hill faster than I could line them up next to her and then lift the camera.  She thought it was a great game!

This little witch cutout was the exact right size for Annelee to stand up behind and hold on.

Will put her in the tire and she was so happy with that seat and the straw that she even climbed back in when I tried to set her free.

Love that smirk. 

Our other cute little witch

Mummified Daddy

Candle-holding ghostly Mommy

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