Sunday, October 9, 2011

Safaripark Stukenbrock

There's a different kind of zoo near my parents' house in Germany where the animals roam free(ish) and the people are in cages (well, their cars).  They also have a nice little amusement park attached.  So, one sunny weekday, Sebastian took a day off work and we all headed to Safaripark Stuckenbrock together.  The weather was really nice, but the summer vacation was over, so we almost had the entire park to ourselves.  There were just a couple of other cars driving through, and in the amusement park, every ride was just waiting for someone to say "we want to go".  Zero lines.  Perfect!

Everyone had a great time.  I especially enjoyed how much Annelee squealed when we saw animals through the window.  It seems to me that Vivian wasn't at all interested when we took her to the zoo in Pittsburgh at that same age.  Having said that, now she can't get enough of zoos (and amusement parks), so it was a given that she would have a blast (which she did indeed).

The famous white lions that are being bred here

For once in their lives, the kids were allowed out of their car seats, and Vivian even got to sit up front!

Oh, I'm sorry.  You wanted photos of us people?  Ok.  Here we go  :)

Cute little wagons for rent (we just used it for the photo opp though)

Kiddie rides with no queues ... perfect

A different kind of bubble bath

Sack slide race!

I think we are all just glad we didn't fly out of our seats and survived ...

The monkey train.  Really, the human train because the monkeys were outside

Inside the train ...

... and outside

It seems to be becoming a trend for me to add a video at the end.  Today is no different.  Don't get too used to it though.

Click here if you can't see the video above.

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