Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

All year, Vivian had been announcing that she would be a cat this year for Halloween.  I was mentally already planning what I needed to do to make a costume when she suddenly changed her mind about 2 months before Halloween.  She was now going to be Rapunzel.  Really no surprise there - she's Rapunzel a lot of days. 

I had big plans on crocheting a cap and making a braid, but my attempts failed and she ended up with just a braid with a ribbon to tie around her head for her first Halloween event.  I made a cap that evening, but she wanted nothing to do with it the next day, preferred the ribbon. 

Annelee was going to be a ladybug, we already had a very cute hand-me-down costume.  So we were all set. 

There was a weekend full of parties for Vivian ... starting off with the Daycare Halloween Party on Friday.  On Saturday, she was invited to a Halloween Party at a Daycare friend's house. She was the only girl, all the boys were dressed as superheros and a vampire.  They played that the vampire was trying to get the princess and the super heros saved her.  Talk about re-inventing stereotypes! 

Sunday was the Halloween parade at church (gotta love a church that embraces Halloween!) and Emma's fourth birthday party, also with a Halloween theme.

Then, finally, Halloween itself rolled around on Monday.  At six o'clock on the dot it started to rain (trick or treating in Mt Lebanon is 6pm-8pm).  So, we changed our plans and I stayed home with Annelee (who hated her costume anyways) and Will took Vivian out.  They stayed out for over an hour and came back with a bucket full of candy.  Apparently, after every house, Vivian would say "I want to go home".  Then she'd spot a jack'o'lantern somewhere and say "No, I want to go there!". 

One of a very few shots of a smiling ladybug

Rapunzel and her long hair

I may have to work on my make-up skills

Not the picture I envisioned, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it.  I hope Annelee will forgive me one day for taking it  :)

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