Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cruise Control

Apparently, Annelee needs a bit of pressure to get moving.  We were at Gymkhana yesterday, watching Vivian do her gymnastics as we do every week.  The benches there are perfect for cruising, but so far, Annelee had just been standing there and holding on, not moving even an inch.  This time, another little girl came up to her and started grabbing for Annelee's binky.  Annelee turned her head away.  The little girl wouldn't give up.  So Annelee took a couple of tentative steps to the side.  The girl followed.  Grabbed for the binky.  Annelee moved ... I think that was officially the first time she cruised along furniture.  All hail her binky addiction and little girls that want to steal binkies!

In the evening, Annelee was fussy at dinner out at a local restaurant.  I took her to the waiting area which had a long padded bench.  Put her down at one end and then went and sat in the middle.  Again, duress (can't be separated from Mommy!) did its thing and Annelee started to cruise toward me.  I think she enjoyed it, so hopefully, she'll even start to cruise voluntarily, soon.

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