Monday, November 21, 2011

Dress Up

I know what you are thinking ... how many more pictures of Vivian in a princess dress is Franziska going to post ... but this post is going to be a little bit different. 

As it turns out, Vivian is not the only one in this house who knows how to dress up in fancy gowns.  Vivian has been asking me for months to see my wedding dress.  I don't know what possessed me Friday morning, but I suddenly decided to pull it out and put it on.  It even still fits.  Vivian (of course) was also wearing a princess dress, Annelee is obviously still in her jammies (and my hair has not been brushed yet, but, oh well).  Still love that dress!  Vivian quite liked it too, wanted me to wear it all day.  I did not do that, though  ;)

To get back to our more normal schedule of photos, here are two photos of how Vivian went to church the last two Sundays.  It's a good thing our church is quite tolerant of "unique" dressers ... 

Christmas dress and purple leopard pants.  And enjoying the magnetic game she got from Grandma for her birthday

Yes, her expression is goofy.  Presenting:  jacket from Peru, leopard pants (again), "Christmas" socks, a bag Mommy made, and a dog carrier bag (with doggy) she got for her birthday
Last, but not least, she's also been very specific about the hairstyle she wants to sport for the day.  Her current favorite is pig tails with one of them braided and the other one not (as evidenced below).  The other day, she insisted on a pony tail and pig tails.  When I had finished and giggled at the result, she looked at me very seriously and said "Mommy, this is not funny.  It's beautiful".  Yes, you are - even (especially!) with your eclectic choice of clothes and hairstyles!
One day, I'll even use a comb to properly part her hair in the back

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