Friday, November 11, 2011


Now, some would say it's a shame Vivian wasn't born 7 years earlier so she would be turning 11 on 11/11/11; but (a) I am most certainly not ready for an 11 year old yet, and (b) Vivian has grown so much already since her last birthday, that I'm happy for her to slow things down a bit.

So, instead she's turning 4, and - while she's not really aware of how cool the date is or how long it'll be (other than 12/12/12 next year) until such a cool date comes along again (01/01/2101) - she is very aware that her birthday is coming up.  Despite the fact that Will and I keep pointing out that her birthday is not until February and that she'll turn three.  There's no fooling this girl  ;)

She took cupcakes to pre-school yesterday (she doesn't go to pre-school on Fridays) and when she went to bed last evening and I told her she would be 4 when she wakes up, she got a big grin on her face.

Today, we'll be skyping with Omi and Grosspapa and Ullalalala, doing some shopping for tomorrow's party, open gifts, and I'm sure we'll be trying out that new scooter that she's finally getting.

Tomorrow, we'll have a little party with her (and our) friends at our house. Probably the last time that we can decide who is coming  ;)

Looking at the photos from just after her 3rd birthday, I can hardly believe that was just a year ago.  She still looks so toddler-like there (although at the time I thought she looked big, of course).  That's all gone.  She's truly a girl now.

She's all into princess stuff and playing doll houses, painting finger nails, Barbies, and imaginary play.  Lots of singing of songs, both real and made up, but also running around, climbing, dancing.

She's an expert negotiator (we fully expect her to become a famous lawyer) that never forgets anything.  Just the other day, she decided she could take a handbag to daycare because "it's not a toy" (and we don't allow toys at daycare).  She almost had me convinced.

Her favorite TV (well, DVDs) is the "Signing Times" series that we started watching again to teach Annelee some signs.  Vivian practically knows them all and actually uses them to have conversations with us.  She even chooses Signing Times over Disney cartoons in the morning!

She continues to be a fabulous big sister; and is always able to make Annelee giggle with her antics.

Happy 4th Birthday, my big little girl!

Her previous birthday posts can be found here:  One, two, three.

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