Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At The Playground

Over the last couple of weeks, we've had more than our fair share of unexpectedly warm(ish) and sunny weather and we've done our best to take advantage of it and cram in as many last playground visits as possible.

During these last few trips, I've started to really looking forward to next year's playground season, because Annelee has finally reached the point where she can find an "obstacle course" to do by herself.  Climb up some stairs, crawl across a bridge, go down a slide.  Crawl back to the stairs.  Start over.  Rinse, repeat.  She always goes down the slide on the belly, and always feet first - which is actually great when I take the girls alone and can't be at the top of the slide to make sure she doesn't tumble and at the bottom to catch her all at the same time.  I can just make sure she gets on her merry way and then clamber down and move her away from the bottom of the slide.

Vivian is getting quite good at making friends and finding other kids to play with.  We met a couple of girls and their Dad a week or so ago at a playground and when they left, they walked home.  The next time we went, Vivian said, let's go to my friends' house.  I think she really expected me to knock on all doors in the neighborhood and figure out where they live.  In fact, when they left the playground that time she even described to them where we lived so they could find us:  We have the house with the red door and corn on the door.  :)

Here are some random photos and videos from some of the more recent visits.

Readying the kite ... shame we ended up with no wind, hopefully next time

The Gypsy twins

Annelee on the race track, even though she's still not walking

Climbing her favorite steps

Click here if you can't see Vivian on her new scooter above.

Click here if you can't see Annelee ascending the playground steps.  Or click here for an alternate view why I am getting more and more gray hair and almost drop my camera at times!  For even more effect, open this song in a different tab and play at the same time (suggestion courtesy of Will).

And click here if you can't see Kyra and Annelee going down the rolling slide.

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