Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art for Kids

Katherine texted me the other day that she was taking Emma to a kids-art-thingamajig at the Frick Arts Museum on Saturday.  And who could possibly resist a thingamajig   :)  So, at the last minute, I told her I was joining her, and this is how we found ourselves in the Faberge exhibit at the Frick, trying to spot the animals in the exhibit.  The whole event lasted not quite an hour, but was done quite well for children of Emma's and Vivian's age.  As an introduction, they talked about the size of the artwork, the kinds of animals, the materials, which ones would be harder to work, etc.  Then, they spend about 20 minutes in the exhibit looking at some of the work from Faberge.  After that, it was back to the lecture hall where they could create their own master pieces out of pre-printed paper, markers, scissors and fake gem stones.

Emma and Vivian had fun!

Vivian and Emma painting their masterpieces

Full concentration

Vivian's comment of "Mommy, I'm really good with scissors" failed to reassure me.  But she did indeed do just fine.

Annelee got in the action, too

Abby was checking things out

Annelee was NOT amused when I decided she'd wreaked enough havoc tipping out the containers with the markers!

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