Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Annelee's 12 Month Well-Visit

Well, this child of ours continues to enjoy her food and it shows.  Even the first comment out of the pediatrician's mouth was related to Annelee's delicious chubbiness.

Here are the stats.  Both height and weight are somewhere in the 95-100% percentile:

Height:  31" (79cm)
Weight:  24 lb 12 oz (11.2kg)

For comparison, Vivian was the exact same height at her 12 month visit, but weighed in at only 21 lb 1 oz. 

The pediatrician was very happy with Annelee's eating and the variety of food she's getting (thanks, Will!).  At this point, she's eaten pretty much every food that's often an allergen and has been fine.  The only one missing is peanuts and tree nuts, but she's already had peanut oil, too, so those are likely to be ok, as well.

Annelee's ears looked fine (one perfect, one very close to perfect) - yay! 

The Dr. checked her hips very carefully since Annelee doesn't like to really stand up or put her weight on her legs, and said she looked good, we should just wait and see.  Of course, today (only 2 days after the appointment), she's twice stood with me supporting only a little bit of her weight already.  Always one to proof us wrong, just like her sister.

Annelee got three shots (ouch - and she was sure to let us know that IT.WAS.NOT.ACCEPTABLE!) and I got a parking ticket (ouch - but only for the wallet, and luckily, only $10).

All in all, a very good visit.

So I don't forget, here are a couple of other things about Annelee.  She's got eight teeth by now (4 top, 4 bottom, one of the top ones is barely there, but there).  She still nurses 2-3 times a day (morning, evening, sometimes in the afternoon) but I (very gleefully and happy, I might add) threw the breast pump in the trash last week, so that bane of my existence is gone!

Annelee mostly naps twice a day, and it seems that she starts about 90% of her naps in the car.  In fact, there are times where we are at home and I wonder why she's so cranky ... and then I realize it's probably nap time for her, and I take her upstairs and she's asleep in less than a minute.

She's just figured out to put money in her play piggy bank, and today she got hold of  a drum and started drumming (when she wasn't eating the drum-stick, that is).  Talking about eating, everything, and I mean absolutely everything ends up in Annelee's mouth.  I know every kid goes through that phase, and Vivian did, too, but not to this extreme.  I sometimes give her the binky just so that she won't constantly graze on the floor.  Of course, I could sweep, but the binky is easier  :)

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