Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Girl

In an ill-gotten attempt to remind me of the sleep-deprived newborn days from a year ago, Annelee spent about an hour in the middle of the night up.  Partly crying, partly chatting, always restless crawling back and forth in the crib and kicking her legs.  Sigh.  I don't miss those days.

But it got better after that.  She did not cry at daycare drop-off (as has been her habit lately) and was mostly happy in the evening.  Quite happy after consuming her sugary cup cake, in fact  :)

We opened presents before dinner.  Vivian was very eager to help Annelee.  Annelee most loved the beach ball and the toy that Vivian got.  Of course.  Vivian was most enamored with Annelee's new doll (of course).  She told me that she wanted the same doll for her next birthday  :)

For dinner, Will made mac'n'cheese - Vivian had suggested that Annelee would choose that if she could talk.  Nothing to do with it being Vivian's favorite food, I'm sure.  After dinner, Jenny and Rowan came over to sing Happy Birthday with us and have cup cakes.  Annelee very much enjoyed her cup cake (I had to strip her down to her diaper once she was done).

Anne - have I made amends for serving Vivian a muffin for her first birthday?  ;)

The gift bag is bigger than Annelee!

Vivian is helping Annelee unwrap her gifts

Blowing up the beach ball - Annelee can't wait to hold it!

The train from Grandma

Just after Vivian tried to borrow the beach ball for a second

The new doll (with magnetic binky)

Vivian and Rowan help Annelee blow out the candle

Annelee started very slow and deliberately on her cup cake ...

... but liked it enough to even rub it into her hair.  Does frosting encourage hair growth at least?  Pretty please?

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