Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casey & Ernie Visit

A couple of weekends ago, Casey and Ernie came to visit us in the 'Burgh.  We had some yummy food, played cards, created art and hung out and just took it easy.  It was a fun weekend.  Thanks for coming up, Casey & Ernie!

Casey had brought clay for us to make a sculpture.  She created a boat and then we all created ourselves.  That was lots of fun!

Ernie with that great T-shirt of his

Casey builds the boat

Vivian plays with "Annelee" (created by Casey)
Annelee supervises while snacking on some melon

Vivian just loved to mash the clay around
Of course some clay ended up in her face  :)

In the boat: back - Ernie, Casey, a lizard (on the back rim), Will.  front - Vivian, Annelee on our sole remaining fish.  In front of the boat:  Jonas & Mattias, Franziska (lying down so my head won't fall off)

 As per usual, the chef created some wonderful meals ...
Dinner prep

Multi-colored beets, melon, melon foam, caramelized pecans, goat cheese, bacon, salad.  Delish!
Cupcakes were on the menu, too.
I'm pretty sure at least some of the icing made it into her mouth

Got icing?

And last, but not least, various Barbie-play and cuddle sessions!
Even Ernie got roped into playing Barbies

Annelee was never quite happy when not in fully body-contact with Mommy.  Good thing this is just a phase!

Morning cuddles with Aunt Casey

Casey, the girls, and (of course) Mermaid Barbie

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