Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Longest Halloween in History

Halloween was unusually long this year.  It started with multiple parties (mostly for Vivian, but also some for Annelee).  Seamus from across the street started things off, then came church (where Vivian won cutest costume and Annelee won best toddler), Gregory's party, daycare ... and that doesn't even include the actual trick or treating.

Vivian went as the sparkly rainbow tooth fairy, with a costume that Will and I had a lot of fun putting together.  Annelee got to reuse the monkey suite that Vivian wore a few years ago.

Trick or treating was supposed to be on Wednesday, but got preemptively postponed to Saturday because of Superstorm Sandy.  As it turns out, Sandy didn't hit us hard, just with lots of steady rain, but Wednesday evening this year was no worse than last year when it wasn't canceled.  But, Saturday was dry, so all in all it turned out well.

The whole family started out together, but (as expected), Annelee faded after just the short end of our street.  Will took her home to hand out (and eat) candy; and Vivian and I continued with Rowan and Joel who we met up with on the way.

We made our way all the way down Gypsy, back on Shady Lane (with some spectacular spooky gravestones and a haunted garage at the final house - perfect) and back home through our dark backyard.

Vivian is already planning her costume for next year (a friendly vampire) and Annelee ontinued to wear "Key" (monkey) for most of today.  I believe I will have to hide that costume away when she's asleep to try and avoid a melt-down.  She's come a long way since last year and the year before.


Sparkly rainbow toothfairy
Monkey see, monkey do.  Also known as trying to pose like the big sister
Watching TV the day after Halloween, she was so upset that I wanted to put the costume away that she had to get her binky to soothe herself

Going for a walk the day after Trick or Treating

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