Sunday, November 11, 2012

Three Again!

For months now, Will and I have explained to Vivian that the birthdays don't come in the same order as you count; and that after four, you turn three again.  She's not buying it.  "Moooommmyyy / Daaaaadddddyyy ... I don't liiiiiike this game!!!" she always responds.

So, I guess she's right.  She's actually five today.  FIVE!  Even three would be astonishing, because it doesn't seem that long since she was born (although, some days, it seems MUCH longer).  She really is a girl now.  Tall, slim, goes to birthday parties independently, had her first sleep-over the other day ... already talking about graduating from preschool and moving onto kindergarden ... always talking, chatting, imagining, making up games, calling us on it when we try and fool her.  Lots of fun.  Here's to the next year!

This year, her birthday is on a Sunday (just like her actual birth day) and we are having a party for her with a number of friends from preschool and also some of her old friends.  For the first time, parents are optional, so kids will outnumber adults.  Gulp!  Pictures from that to follow, I'm sure.  Assuming we all survive ;-)

Previous years in review:  four, three, two, one

Hahahaha.  Before we move onto the photos, I just re-read last year's post and I had forgotten that we told her then, too, that she would be three again and already then she didn't believe it.  She's just too smart for us!

December 2011 - making cookies
January 2012 - The artist at work
February 2012 - With Omi and Tobias in Germany
March 2012 - At her favorite playground

April 2012 - Off to hunt for Easter eggs
May 2012 - All dirtified
June 2012 - With all her "prizes" from the Pride Parade
July 2012 - Feeding the birds

August 2012 - Beach Babe
September 2012 - Playing soccer
October 2012 - Pony ride at the preschool fall festival

November 2012 - Rainbow Tooth Fairy

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