Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Saturday was a busy day around here. First, we went to Emma's 2nd birthday party. All day, I'd been practicing both "Happy Birthday" (the song) and "Trick or Treat" with Vivian. As we pulled up to Emma's house, Vivian said "Trick or Treat, Emma!". Hm. That may still require some work. I'm including a little video of our practice, because I'm sure that Vivian will say trick-or-treat correctly next year, and the way she says it now just makes my heart melt every time. I still make her say it even though Halloween is over! :)

Emma's Party

After Emma's party, we headed home. Daddy had carved and lit a pumpkin. We put Vivian back in her monkey-costume and headed out to knock on a few of the neighbors' doors. Vivian's costume was adored by all (Anne, you did such a fantastic job making it, thanks for passing it on!), and by the end of it, Vivian had even learned to take candy from the people, rather than trying to put candy from her bucket into theirs. It was a fun evening.

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