Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

As in previous years, we went to Simmons Farm for the hayride and pumpkin picking (and other fun activities for the kids).  Photos from previous years are here: 2011 and 2009

This year, we started out with the petting zoo that had new fluffy baby bunnies and the cutest little black pig.  No photos, I was too busy adoring the little animals and keeping the girls from chasing them too much.

Then Vivian immediately remembered the corn box from previous years (a memory like an elephant, unbelievable), so we made a stop there.  Then it was time for the hay ride (and munching on the yummy apples they handed out), a pony ride, the annual tunnel photo, sack slide (Annelee threw a fit when I wanted to slide with her ... big girls like her do the sack slide alone!), hay maze, and of course the choosing of the pumpkins and corn.  At that point, we were all dragging a bit, and took the ride back, had lunch there and then headed home.  As expected, Annelee fell asleep within 4 minutes of being put into the car seat. 

We'll definitely be back there again next year!

Eating yummy apples on the hayride down to all the fun

Vivian atop the horse

And Annelee, too

Annelee's first tunnel photo

And Vivian's 3rd or 4th

Celebrating with a hay toss after Vivian made it through the hay maze.  Annelee successfully explored both ends of it



Vivian and her chosen pumpkin

We'll practice more lady-like positions for next year!

Who allowed her to get big enough to almost reach the pedals in a fire truck?!

At least she still has a while to go!

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