Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Visit from Aunt Susan and Grandma

Can you believe it?

Grandma came to Pittsburgh! 

The kids (and the adults) were very excited.

Thank you, Susan, for bringing her up here.  And for also coming.  The girls totally adore you (well, Vivian does, and Annelee is quickly catching up) and we enjoy your company, too.

Susan dropped Grandma off on Saturday and then almost immediately left us again to have a girls night out with her good friend Kim (who lives minutes from our house).

We all hung out and played and chatted, and Will made a delicious spaghetti-meatball dinner.

On Sunday, we went to church, and Susan came back home for a late lunch.  At naptime, we planted a white-blooming dogwood tree in memory of my Dad ... he would have loved that.  Thank you!

Then we just hung out some more, had some more delicious food (well, everyone but Annelee who chose dinnertime as the perfect time to get sick - but who luckily got better soon after) and just generally had a good time.

They left Monday morning after breakfast.

Come back soon!

Tree planting in progress ...

... and DONE!

Annelee suspiciously inspects the nail polish on her fingernails

The Aquadoodle is more her speed
Vivian, however, totally enjoys her spa treatment

Group hug with Aunt Susan

And with Grandma

The Master Chef puts the final touches on dinner:  Halibut, roasted red pepper grits, mixed vegetables. Deeeeelicious!

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