Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Years & 4 Months

The girls had a double-appointment at the pediatricians today.  Vivian's 3 year appointment and Annelee's 4 month appointment.

Vivian had not grown since her 2.5 year appointment according to their measurements (still 42" or 106.5 cm), but had gained some weight (38lb, up from 34lb).  Her height/weight ratio is perfect according to the pediatrician.  I like that woman, she uses the terms "perfect" and "wonderful" a lot when it comes to our children  :)

She is still impressed by how verbal Vivian is and how well she enunciates things (for her age at least), and kept stressing how important it is for children her age to drink milk with their meals (which Vivian does).  I think that's definitely the pediatrician's hot-button topic.  If your child drinks milk, all is well with her world.  LOL.

Annelee had gained a ton of weight (I knew that, just not how much).  She is now 26" (66cm) tall (just a half inch shy of Vivian at the same age) and weighs a whopping 16lb 5oz (7.4kg) which is a full two pounds more than Vivian at that same age.  Can we say lots of delicious baby chubbiness?  :)

Both got their shots.  One for Vivian, three and an oral vaccination for Annelee.  Where Vivian managed not to cry, Annelee more than made up for it ... she was outraged!!!  But luckily, she calmed down as soon as it was over, she even managed to smile at the nurse at that point.

While Annelee got her shots and we were all distracted, Vivian managed to put good use to the extra band aids the nurse had given her ... she stuck them over her nipples.  And on the way out, she asked me "Can I drive?"  That girl cracks me up!

Vivian doesn't need to go back until she's 4, Annelee has to go back in 2 months.  Let's hope her weight gain slows down a bit by then, otherwise she soon won't fit into any of Vivian's old clothes ...

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