Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nikolaus 2010

As in previous years, the German Nikolaus paid a visit to 745 Gypsy Lane this year.

Because Annelee doesn't yet wear shoes, I asked Vivian to pick out a shoe from the big box of outgrown shoes of hers.  Big mistake.  She wanted to try on every pair, no matter how often I told her they wouldn't fit.  She finally picked a pretty black one.

I then asked Vivian to pick one of her shoes to put out, too.  She kept telling me in a very worried voice that she, too, needed a "nicause shoe".  None of her own were acceptable.  I finally figured out that she needed a "Nikolaus shoe".  We settled on her tap shoe.

The next morning, Vivian went downstairs to discover the gifts the Nikolaus had brought for them (a stamp and coloring kit for her, a rattle for Annelee).  Both toys were a hit. 

Vivian immediately started stamping (yes, they are supposed to be used on paper, and yes, the ink is water-soluble)

Annelee immediately started a new work-out program

And then Vivian insisted that Annelee wear her "nicause shoe".  Maybe to prove the gift was really for her?  Kind of like the cinderella test?  I have no idea.  But I thought it was cute.

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