Monday, May 17, 2010

2.5 Year Check-Up

Ok, so how did this girl manage to turn 2.5 years old already? Wow!

The stats first: 34lb (no wonder she's getting too heavy to carry) and 42in (again, no wonder the bathing suit I bought the other day that was for 36 months was too small).

According to a chart I just found, this put her at the 92nd percentile for weight and way way way off the chart for height. In fact, so much way off that I think I will re-measure her height tomorrow just to check. She's not REALLY as tall as the average 5 year old.

She's doing extremely fine. The doctor came in and immediately got an ear full of information from Vivian ("I have a bug in my belly" (no idea where that came from). "I peed in the potty." "I have a bu-bu on my knee." "There's my name" (spotting a "v" on my travel mug)) ... I feel I didn't even need to be there to provide information.

She did very well with the ear check etc (much better than previously) and even wanted to sit on the exam table rather than my lap. Everything looks good. The pediatrician is impressed that she's in daycare but has only been in twice in the last 6 months. Let's hope she keeps that up.

Based on Vivian's potty-"training" success so far (I can't really call it training), the pediatrician also thinks we should just bite the bullet and start having her wear only "big girl underwear" all the time, so I went out and bought a few more cheap clothes so we can handle the accidents. Project "no diaper" should commence soon.

Vivian needed one vaccination and I managed to get her all excited about getting a band-aid, although I did also explain it would involve an injection first. She was a total champ ... whined a bit, but didn't even cry. She did cry when I pulled off the band-aid tonight. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

All in all a good visit and let's hope Vivian doesn't need to go back for anything until she's 3! And that she doesn't outgrow her summer clothes before summer is over! ;)

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  1. Sounds like it went great! Can't believe she is as tall as the average 5 year old. Wonder where she gets that from! : ) I love the pictures. Keep posting, please.