Friday, December 3, 2010

Bath Time

Until recently, Vivian used to shower either with me, or by herself (with my help).  Since Annelee has started bathing though, Vivian has decided to switch back to bathing, too.  So, on a bath night these days, we do the following: 

I run the bath for Vivian, she dumps all her toys in, gets herself undressed and gets in.  In the meantime, I run Annelee's bath (in the baby bathtub on the floor).  While I get Annelee naked, in the bath, washed, and out, dried and dressed, Vivian happily plays with two of her bazillion toys that float in the bath with her - a squeezy bottle and a tupperware container.  Sometimes, she adds a washcloth, too.  The rest of the toys are ignored.

Next, I hand Annelee over to Will, soap Vivian down, wash and rinse her hair and then she gets out, too, dries herself off, puts on her jammies and is ready for the rest of our bed-time routine.  It works like a charm!

Here are some pictures and videos of them splish-splashing about in the bathroom.  Bath time is fun!

Vivian tries out the bath tub forAnnelee.  Scroll down for a picture of her in it when we first bought it!
Can you see the splashing water?

A video of the girls splashing in their respective tubs

All clean and dry

And here are some earlier pre-blog bath pictures of Vivian!

January 2008
May 2008
March 2009

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