Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Look who was playing in our basement today - two beautiful princesses.  I did have to laugh at the addition of the rubber gloves though ... Vivian had gotten a pair from the nurse at the dentist today and apparently, they make great additions to princess dresses.

Rowan, Vivian's friend, has tons of dress up clothes, and oftentimes (as happened today) the two girls will swap some items until their next play date.  All this makes me hope that the dress up chest that Vivian will get for her birthday will be a big hit.

I enjoy how much pretend play is going on in our house these days ... Vivian re-enacts scenes from our lives with the dolls, the dolls are often changing names, we are eating all sorts of food that she makes, have to hand her this invisible item or that invisible item ... very cool.

As an example, just after Rowan had left, Vivian said "Mommy, let's fly to Emma's house".  So I stretched my arms out as wings and made a plane noise and started flying and she said "No. We are butterflies.  Move your arms like this <showing me how to move my arms properly>".  So, we flew to Emma's house as butterflies, and then Vivian started playing with some toys and I went about my business.  Cracks me up though.

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