Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Sister

Annelee's report card from daycare usually describes her as "happy, fussy, sleepy".  Today, when I picked her up they said it looked like she wanted to sleep all day.  In fact, she had slept so much that they hadn't even fed her all her bottles yet.  They did have one warmed up and ready to go, so we gathered up our things and headed home where Vivian got to feed Annelee for the first time.  She did really well, sitting just as we told her, holding Annelee and the bottle just the way we showed her.  Annelee certainly liked it, because she sucked down the entire bottle of milk in no time.  She is lucky to have such a wonderful big sister!  Oh, and where did Annelee get permission to look so big on Vivian's lap?


1 comment:

  1. This is adorable! And how dare Annelee get so big without permission! Vivian, too, for that matter. : )