Friday, October 15, 2010

Cat Status

I will always remember how the cats noticed Vivian the first time after we had brought her home from the hospital.  Vivian was peacefully sleeping in the car seat on the floor of the dining room.  Peaceful in newborn terms means of course that they fidget.  So, Vivian waved her arms and we just suddenly saw two cats scramble from the room as quick as they could.

Fast-forward to now:  Jonas still scrambles anytime Vivian comes near him.  Mattias has finally come to accept her.  Vivian in return loves Mattias "Hiiiiiii Mattias!" she will croon into his face.  Mattias will roll his eyes and inwardly sigh at her approach.  Sometimes he'll let her pet him for a bit before getting up and meandering out of the room.  No more scrambling for him.  When you ask Vivian what the black cat's name is, she sometimes knows the answer, sometimes not.  I sometimes think she doesn't even believe us that we have two cats.

So, here's today's cat status in pictures:

Mattias ... very comfortable with Annelee.  Especially when she's sleeping.  And apparently she doesn't mind a cat that weighs almost as much as her on her legs, either.

Jonas ... would much rather blend into the collection of stuffed cuddly toys and (I presume) avoid discovery that way.

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