Monday, October 28, 2013

Summersville Lake, WV

Our week-long "Rachel and Brad are getting married and we are going to the wedding" trip started with a couple of nights in a lovely cabin near Summersville Lake in WV.  The leaves were in near-peak color, and even though the weather wasn't totally what we had hoped for, we did have a wonderful time, and even managed to get in a little hike in the sunshine.  Annelee liked it so much that she asked almost every time we got in the car during the remainder of the trip "Are we going back to our cabin now?".

The playground was in full view (and within earshot) of the playground, so the girls could roam over there while the parents sat in front of the cabin sipping a glass of wine.   We enjoyed the jacuzzi hot tub, Will made yummy food, and I took a picture or two.  We will definitely have to come back some other time to explore WV a little more.

Even though we were just near a lake, not the sea, the retreat sported its very own lighthouse

Hot tub fun

I took about a bazillion road pictures while we were driving around and exploring

The two queens of the WV hills!

One of the three overviews that we visited on our short hike

Proof that we all went together (and that my camera has a self-timer function ;-)  )

Hiking back up from the last overlook

Vivian and her beloved hiking sticks

Scenic view

More road pictures from inside the car

Lake Summersville ... it gets drained every year to provide for white-water rafting, which is why the water-level is so low

Our cabin

Vivian and her teddy bears ... are we finally out of the silly-posed-smile phase?

I then took about 20 pictures of Annelee to get a nice one of her, but she is clearly still very firmly entrenched in the silly phase ...

New River Gorge Bridge - you can walk underneath the top road - definitely something to put on my bucket list!

I love how the mist swirls around the bridge

The road to the bottom of the lake to get another view of the bridge

The bridge viewed from near the bottom

More scenery

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