Monday, October 7, 2013

Finger Painting

Today is the first of a handful of days where there is no Kindergarten for one reason or another.  We had big plans for today, to ride the T and see the fountain and the duck.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't having any of it, and rain was forecast for the day.  So, instead, Rowan came over to play, and we did some finger painting.

I love how the three girls started off daintily drawing with their fingers, and then finally started delving into hand prints and mixing some of the colors.

Carefully, one fingerprint at a time, apply paint to paper

Colorful self-portrait

Drawing the rainbow

Vivian often has red hair in her self-portraits at the moment

Rowan refused to look AND smile.  I caught a smile anyways.

Hand-painting is much more fun!

Ready for hand front-, back- and side-prints

Rowan's picture

Vivian's picture

Annelee's picture

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