Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greenville, SC

After Summersville, we made our way down to Greenville, SC.  We spent some time with Will's relatives, Norma & Henry and Brenda, went to the Children's Museum and explored Downtown Greenville, especially Main Street and Falls Park, before attending the wedding festivities (which will be another post). 

The falls that give Falls Park its name

We bumped into the Campbells and meandered around with them

Family Photo

More pics of us and the Campbells

Will was kind enough to scare the heron into flight so I could take a photo.  I don't think the photographer that arrived at the "scene" a few seconds later was so thrilled with us ... whoops!

Susan and Dan ran off with our kids (thank you!), so we went for a coffee, just the two of us.  And took a photo to prove it.

The hotel lobby from the top floor.  The picture was taken from the glass elevator.  Probably the coolest hotel lobby I've seen

Yes, another hotel lobby picture.  Did I mention I thought it was cool?  :-)

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