Saturday, February 23, 2013

Annelee's 2.5 year well visit

I just realized that I didn't write a post about Annelee's 2.5 year well-visit.  Probably because it was fairly uneventful.

Vital statistics first, as usual:
  • Height:  38" (96.5cm) which puts her in the 94th percentile
  • Weight 33lb 13 oz (15.3 kg) which puts her in the 92nd percentile
Looking back at Vivian's stats from that visit, this surprises me.  Essentially the same weight, but shorter.  So far, she's always been the same height and heavier.  But I guess the proportions still match.  And the whole measuring business is more subjective than you'd think with wiggly children, they had to re-measure Annelee's head because according to their initial measurement it had shrunk (it has not; it, too, is in the 90th percentile).

While I thought we would have a discussion about speech (or lack thereof), Annelee suddenly started to add words and sentences (that even we can understand) to her vocabulary in the weeks leading up to the visit, so she was fine.

We asked about her temper tantrums, and - while we haven't implemented any of the suggestions the doctor made - they seem to have abated again, too.

The doctor did recommend that we start potty-training, even though Annelee is not interested ("Don't want it" is what she usually says). Her point was that it's about establishing the habit more than truly potty-training. So, we have started to suggest to Annelee to go potty, and she has had two (accidental, I think) successes.  Whenever it's a quiet day around here we take the potty downstairs with us and set the timer for her to go.

She doesn't like it much, but when I give her the choice between trying and putting diapers back on, the trying usually wins.  She has a bladder of steel, though, so I think any real success may be ways off yet.

But, we are being treated to sights like these :)

The princess on her throne
Between writing this and editing the photo, Annelee did go successfully before bed, so our count is up to three now :)

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