Friday, February 1, 2013

Children's Museum

We returned on a Thursday after our unexpected and sad trip to Virginia for Anne's funeral.  The timing turned out to be fortuitous for two reasons ... we didn't have to drive in the snow the next day, and we had a rare weekday off with Daddy to do something fun (because we all needed a fun day!).  We decided to head out for breakfast and then to the Children's Museum.  Due to the snow it was nice and empty and we had a great time.  I especially enjoyed that the girls were doing things together and at one point they held hands without being prompted.  So cute!

The birdseed table

Testing out gravity (it still works)

Seesawing pumped bubbles in the water-filled divider between them
Drawing pictures in the sand

The water area turns out to be a fashion hotspot, too ;)

Annelee is trying to get wet (good thing I brought spare clothes, because both girls succeeded with that mission)

Figuring out the lock

Stormy waters

Annelee loved hoisting up a ball that then rolled around some tracks under the ceiling and finally fell back right where she could hoist it up again

Spontaneously holding hands

A rare family photo!

Crawling through the tunnel wall

And last, but not least, a video of the rainbow tunnel.  Click here if you cannot see the video below.

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