Saturday, February 9, 2013


The big snowstorm currently pummeling much of the North East of the US may have missed us (except for little more than a dusting), but we've had snow several times already this winter, and both Annelee and Vivian have been enjoying it.  Vivian and Rowan built a snowman one day and spent a good amount of time just eating snow and crawling through it being some wild animals (snow leopards, I believe).

Annelee, too, has developed a taste for eating snow and generally gets quite excited when we dig out the snow boots, gloves, hats and snow pants.

We've even gone sledding a couple of times, but I've decided that that's not yet an activity for Annelee.  She likes it well enough, but I am usually totally exhausted after pulling her up the hill a couple of times.  Next year!

The pictures of Vivian and Rowan are from December, the rest is from January.

Rowan, the snowman, and Vivian

Yum - snow!

If my big sister eats it, then I will, too!

The matching hats were not planned

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