Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend - Maryland Edition

When Susan sent us the email that Sam's graduation party was going to be on a Sunday, we decided it was time to break our familiar pattern of trips to Virginia and instead head to Maryland on Saturday, spend time with Casey & Ernie and then head to Sam's graduation on Sunday, spend the night there, and then head home on Monday.  It was a lot more driving than usual, but the girls did well (as they always do) and we had a blast in Maryland.

We arrived in the late afternoon and pretty much headed straight to Ernie's cousin's pool.  As soon as I had warned Vivian not to go in without an adult because she wouldn't be able to stand ... she ... jumped in.  Luckily, Ernie was already in the water and pulled her out.  Trouble-maker! (Vivian, not Ernie :).  We spent a delightful time swimming, jumping in from the springboard and floating on the floats they had.

We headed back to the house for a delicious dinner, bed time for the girls and then card games for the adults.

The next morning, after a yummy breakfast, we went to Tall Timbers to the beach on the Chesapeake Bay and played on the beach and in the water.  Home for a quick lunch (with Annelee sleeping in the car) and then we headed off to Virginia.

Most of the pictures at the pool and some of the beach ones were taken by Casey ... thanks for sharing them, they are fabulous!

Enjoying the pool

Also enjoying it, Vivian loved the floaties and always loves her goggles

Baby burrito
If you can't see the stunt video of Vivian jumping into the pool (and everyone else saying hello), please click here.

At the beach
We may need to work on the sunscreen application

Exploring in the water
So relaxing.  And not too crowded, either!

Keeping an eye on everyone from within the shallow water

Casey always takes photos ...

... and Ernie always reads books.
Flinging stuff in the water is such fun!

And last, but not least, one of the highlights for Vivian ... a ride in Casey's "car with no roof"

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