Monday, July 23, 2012

Early Morning with LeeLee

I had just recently gotten into the habit of getting up at 7am on my non-Highmark days and getting stuff done around the house before the girls woke up around 8 or so when we moved Annelee to a big girl mattress (no bed yet, just the mattress).  As a direct result, Annelee started getting up earlier.  I suspect that previously, she would wake up, realize she was still in her cage, um, I mean crib, and go back to sleep.  Now, she gets up and finds Mommy.  Vivian often remains asleep.

So this is how I found myself with Annelee all perky and wide awake the other morning.  She didn't want to get dressed, so we just wandered downstairs, where Annelee insisted on putting on Vivian's flip-flops and her supergirl baseball cap and then we headed outside.  Apparently, my lack of coffee was showing, because Annelee turned to me when I stopped and said "Mommy, go go go!".  Luckily, I caught this on video since it was quite cute.

We walked for bit and then returned to our front-yard where I sat down and Annelee puttered around for a few minutes and then went into the house and - as she is wont to do with any open door - closed the front-door.  No big deal since the door is virtually always unlocked.

Needless to say, this time, it was still locked from the night.


No big deal, we have a spare key in the front yard.  Except ... I had used it some other time and not yet put it back outside.


Still no big deal.  I decided to just ring the doorbell and wake Vivian up so she could open the door for me.  Except ...

Our doorbell, which sporadically stops working for a few weeks and then suddenly starts again ... yes, you guessed it ... it decided today was the day to stop working.


My last resort (short of tracking down one of the approximately 38 people in Pittsburgh who have a spare key, all of which would be at work at that time) was to try and make my way into the house through a different opening.

I remembered that the bathroom window downstairs was closed, but not locked.  So, I went around the house, found something to stand on, pushed the window open, cleared the window sill and squeezed my way into the house, hoping the neighbors wouldn't see me.

Then I marched up the stairs back to the front door where Annelee was still happily playing.  She didn't even seem surprised that I was outside the front door one minute and coming up the stairs from the basement a few minutes later.  And Vivian was of course still asleep and none the wiser.

It was most definitely time for coffee and the hope that the rest of the day would be a little less eventful!

Yo, Momma, let's go for a walk!

If you can't see the video of Annelee telling me to go already, please click here.

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