Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Girl

Annelee's birthday fell on a "school day", so our morning was really not much different from any other day.  After we got back from daycare though, she got to open her presents and then we had what we thought may be one of her favorite meals for dinner.  She ate a good amount of it, so we weren't far off.  Can't wait until she can actually tell us next year what she wants for dinner.  We had cup cakes for dessert.  Annelee also took cupcakes into daycare with her that day, so she certainly had plenty of them that day.

Last year, Vivian got to unwrap all of Annelee's presents (and loved it, of course).  This year, Annelee needed a little bit of help, but enjoyed doing much of it herself.  Her presents were all a big hit ... with Annelee and Vivian.  Vivian has been struggling a bit with the fact that for the first few days, Annelee has the right to play with them any time she wants (what a hard concept for a 4-year old with new toys in the house!), but she's done ok with it most of the time, and has gotten to take advantage of Annelee's earlier bed time and nap time :)

On Saturday, we had a little party for Annelee.  It turned out "litteler" than we anticipated due to a couple of last-minute cancellation, but was fun nonetheless.

My favorite part of Annelee's birthday was probably how she beamed and danced when we sung "Happy Birthday" to her.  No shyness or coyness there!

Unwrapping presents

Vivian was always close and eager to help

The ladybug from Marion, Sebastian & Tobias has already traveled substantially with us ... to the grocery store, and just generally in the car (the stars are great to see on the ceiling even during the day).  Maybe one day it will actually make it's way in the bedroom, too!

"Baby Claire" from Omi

Turns out, the water table is also good without water.  I should've left it that way, because Annelee was soaked even before dinner was on the table.  That also explains her bedraggled look with the cupcakes later :)

Just fill the pen with water and draw ... when the water dries, the colors go away. 

She blew out the candles all by herself!

The puzzle game from Grandma.  Vivian's already done all of them, Annelee is still working her way through them.
And last, but not least, a quick video of the water table pre-water.  Click here if you cannot see the video below.

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