Saturday, July 7, 2012


We spent simply a relaxing Saturday this weekend (edited to add that I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but only just got around to downloading the photos from my phone to add to the post ... whoops), and I figured that would be nice to blog about, too, and not just special occasions, especially since I took a bunch of photos that day.

We started out with breakfast at our favorite local diner, Pamela's.  Their pancakes are fantabulous and the kids are excited that they have little boxes of cereal they can pick from.

After breakfast, Will headed out shopping and the girls and I went to the playground at the school near our house.  Vivian will start Kindergarden there next year, so we went just down the hill to check out the little Kindergarden playground (which is really suited to kids Annelee's age rather than Kindergardeners).  The girls had a lot of fun walking up and down the slide and then balancing on the walls of the winding path next to the playground.  I was just thinking that Vivian was doing really well, and that I was doing really well not excessively telling her to be careful when ...

... she tripped and fell off.  Of course!  My fault for having that thought, I guess.  No big damage, though, nothing that a few colorful band-aids couldn't fix  :)

Rowan came over for lunch and games with Vivian while Annelee napped, and in the afternoon, we took our first trip to the pool.  That Vivian loved it was already well established, and hasn't changed.  Annelee also had a blast and even went right back in after falling and going under (and of course being pulled right back out, but still, it scared her initially).  We will yet again be spending much time there this summer, I'm sure.

Then, dinner (Will and Vivian made pizza, but that will be a separate post), and some lounging around in the front yard before the girls had to go to bed.

Fun all around!

I'm pretty sure the Kindergarden kids just walk between the walls during Kindergarden time ...

I love how it looks like Annelee is standing on the wall (she is not, just a low wall behind it).  Not sure why she's so pixelated ... I guess that's the downside of using a phone as a camera

A video from the Kindergarden playset.  Before I started videoing, Annelee was actually walking down the slide, too.  But even sliding is fun when you have a big sister to play with!  Click here if you can't see the video below.

 After dinner:
Vivian relaxes on the Daddy Bench

Annelee also likes the Daddy Bench

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