Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Part 3 (Christmas Day)

Once the kids were in bed, Santa went to work.  Luckily, he had already assembled and wrapped at least part of gifts; so he just snuck into the house, finished the work, put his gifts under the tree, filled the stockings, had some cookies and milk and then went on his merry way to the next house.

Around 4am a sleepy Vivian appeared in our bed, asking if we thought Santa had already been here.  Luckily, Will was thinking quick and said he wasn't sure and we should sleep some more just in case.  It worked!  I wonder if we can use this ploy again next year if necessary!

At a much more civilized 8am, we finally got up and went downstairs.  Santa had indeed come!  Both girls were happy to discover a doll house (Vivian), a play kitchen (Annelee), a ginormous stuffed dog, and several other little gifts and the filled stockings.

Then we had eggs in the hole for breakfast, but with Christmas shapes (even though it's not that easy to see in the photo).  There were so yummy that we've made them a few more times for breakfast since - with extra cut-out circles so that we had mini grilled-cheese sandwiches, too.  Yum!

After that, we spent the rest of the day hanging out, making sauces for the fondue and playing with the new toys.

It was a very nice relaxing day.  Mommy, Daddy (and Santa) did good!

Over the next few days, as people asked Vivian if Santa had brought her something, her story about him coming to our house evolved from "I think I heard the sleigh bells" to her hearing and seeing a whole lot of Santa.  He clearly needs to be more quiet next time!

The end  :)

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