Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Cookies

I have a lot of posting to catch up on, so excuse me while I work my way through pre-Christmas & Christmas photos.

At least I'm posting again, right?

So, first up are the Christmas cookies that I made with Vivian. Annelee tried to help but I really just ended up with her on my lap, restraining her from eating icing and "jimmies" (as sprinkles are known in Pittsburgh), while decorating cookies with the other hand in the middle of the table. Not an easy feat ...

Vivian helped mix the dough for the cookies, rolled out the dough, cut them out, and then decorate them. We had lots of fun and will most definitely do this again. But quite possibly not until next December :)

Mixing the dough.  Please ignore the Halloween-themed apron :)
Rolling out the dough
Cookie cutter work
Let the decorating begin
Annelee was determined to taste rather than decorate
And, boy, did it taste yummy!

More decorating

I give up ... notice that we tried to use the binky to stop her from eating all that sugar and failed :)
Despite Annelee's attempts to prevent it, we ended up with a decent number of cookies!

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