Sunday, July 24, 2011

A visit from Cousin Rachel

Vivian's and Annelee's cousin Rachel is in Pittsburgh this week for training from work.  She decided to come in early and spend the weekend with us.  It was about time she met Annelee ... we figured out the last time we saw her was Christmas 2009 when we announced we were pregnant with Annelee.

Now, Annelee may not have agreed a lot of the time (she loved flirting with Rachel as long as Mommy was still holding her) but even those barriers were broken toward the end of the visit.

Saturday, the girls and Rachel and I went to the Aviary (Vivian's favorite, as she reported at dinner:  the birds!) and then Rachel, Will and I saw the fantabulous Roddy Barnes at a house concert (what a cool concept).

Sunday brought more Roddy Barnes as he performed at church, lunch at Molly Branigans, and then we just hung out until Rachel had to pack up (Vivian helped her pack twice) and leave for the welcome dinner for her training.

Thanks for stopping by, Rachel, we had a lot of fun having you visit!  Don't wait another 1.5 years til the next visit, ok?

Vivian took her job feeding the Lories very seriously.  She was disappointed that none of them would come on and sit on her arm though

One of those rare moments where Annelee was willing to sit next to Rachel and smile  :)  Vivian on the other hand, after 10 mins of shyness would not leave Rachel's side for the entire time she was staying with us!

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